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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 21, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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brand new week with us. we begin with chaos that happened at an easter service in florida after a car plowed right into the church injuring 21 people. more than 200 parishioners were inside when the lex i say slammed into the building pushing over tables and trapping people. >> i heard some people were under the car. >> yeah. >> the driver told police her break failed as she was turning into a parking lot. >> a new jersey family's easter egg hunt. it was cut short when a sky diver came crashing into a nearby yard. it is unclear if the man's parra chute failed to open properly.
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he was wearing a wing suit. he was taken to a nearby hospital but died soon after. they are investigating the cause of the accident. a 16 year-old boy takes a five-year-old strip by hiding in the wheel well of air airplane. despite the lack of oxygen at 30,000 feet in the air the teen survived. he lost consciousness halfway through the flight. he was found on a tarmac in would ymaui after the plane landed. there is security footage at the san jose airport that shows he got on to the plane by hopping a fence. the teenager ran away from home. he has not been charged and is in custody of child protective services. those stories usually don't end that way. glad he is okay. >> overnight four more crew members have been detained.
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a chief engineer are accused of all abandoning that chip. the captain and other crew members are in custody for the same thing. the president called their actions unforgivable and murderous. 64 people have been confirmed dead and 238 people have missing. proving that the boston bombers didn't hurt their spirit many are returning today. >> an mccoy man is running in it herself. how are things looking there? oo i am one of 6,000 runners taking on 26 miles today. this is the biggest amount of spectators they have had. a million people are expected to
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pack into the region. $175 million local shot in the arm. 30 they're rites are raising $14 million. everybody is talking security. 3500 officers are going to be rolling. 50 observation stations to monitor the crowd. banned are the bandit runners those are the people who often run unsanctioned without numbers no costumes are allowed. strollers large bags and blankets are strongly discouraged. the police commissioner tells me he is ready for a safe race day. >> we don't want to intimidate people by the police presence but there will be many.
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if need be they will be running quickly. the goal is to make it a safe family day. following the terror attacks last year the emotions are still law for most people especially those who witnessed the bombing. >> people say hey i am sore right now you have both legs you don't have a single scar upon you. as a survivor how they are carrying the page it gives you the strength. >> shane o'hara is the manager of marathon sports which is situated literally next to the finish line. for all intents and purposes it became a triage for wounded runners last year. we will hear more of his story. you are not going to want to miss it. >> best of luck to you and all of the runners today. must be quite a day to be up
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there. >> thank you. >> absolutely. joe biden heads to the ukraine today after a shootout near the border is raiding more concerns of a russian invasion. they are calling for tougher sanctions against russia. >> foreign policy is always a day late and a dollar short. unless they begin moving the 40,000 troops along the border really believe we should be sanking some of the sectors and others. >> president obama says they are ready to take action if diplomacy fails. they could use the weekend violence as an excuse to move forces into the region. >> the jewish retirement home,
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they believe the accused shooter frasier glen cross had help getting the guns he used because he's a convicted felon. they believe they were purchased by a middleman. the deaths of dr. william corp. ran his grandson reese underwood and 52 materialed terry splamana. republicans bid to take over the senate with the democratic leaning. strong candidates in the state was the worst obamacare rollout in the country. they may have a winning strategy. joining us is peter doocy. what can you tell us about the candidate? >> there is a candidate keep your doctor change your senator. monica wege is trying to unseat jeff merckle.
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oregon is a state where the 160 million web saturday didn't work for several months. she is trying to expose that. her strategy reflects republican priorities going into the mid term. >> it is clear that obamacare is the number one, number two and number three topic. >> the president said his signature legislative achievement should be a selling point to voters in november. >> i don't think we should apologize it. it's a strong good right story to tell. >> wednesday the ballots will go out in oregon's republican primary which will be conducted entirely for the mail. there are four republicans vying we will see if it will be doctor
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wehby race to go pick up one of the six streets nationwide to take control of the senate. >> beater dos see, thank you, peter. >> also this morning about an hour from now pope frances is set to deliver a special blessing in celebration of easter monday. the day after is celebrated by some christians around the world speaking before 150,000 people yesterday. pope frances prayed f-- pope francis prayed for christians under attack in sere yea. the pastor locked up in iran because of christianity reminding us of the importance of faith. in a new letter to his family he wrote, we forget in order to experience the resurrection and glory of christ we have to experience death with christ. we have to die ourselves and selfish desires. he is in the hospital right now. doctors are treating him for
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life threatening injuries that he sustained after he was beaten by the iranian prison guards. >> legendary boxer rubin hurricane carter has died from complications with pros kate stancer. he was wrongfully convicted. you may remember three murders he spent 19 years in prison before he was exonerated. his story was made into a movie. he was nominated for an academy award for playing him. >> very important to transcend it to places that hold us, you know what? >> you have learned to read, you have learned to wright. it's magic. >> ruben carter was 76 years old. >> let's talk about the weather now. scary moments were caught in texas.
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a tornado shouching do touchind in the town of chilled dress. it was in a remote area no reports of damage or newinjurie. >> it was close to the oklahoma and texas border. received more than 20 reports of severe weather. we are in the month of april so we see this activity picking up this sometime of the year. it is springtime. we have the risk of more severe weather through parts of texas in austin and also dallas. damaging winds potentially in excess of 50 miles per hour. another round of possible severe weather comes on monday anywhere from parts of kansas, oklahoma, potential of yet again more severe this evening.
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otherwise they syringe like across the entire con he true. in minneapolis you are going to be in the upper 60s middle 70s in chicago and middle 60s in new york city. heather and heather if you live in the northeast enjoy the warm temperatures while you have it. by wednesday much cooler 50's new york city in boston and 40 in buffalo. let's head over to you. >> maria molina thank you very much. we will talk to you later. >> a major recall for the classic oscar meijer wiener after craft mixes up a key ingredie ingredient. >> craft is recalling oscar meijer wieners because they contain cheese. they may have the classic cheese dog. many have a use by date of june 16th. if you didn't think the airlines could pack you any tighter in coach. at an expo in germany xintexhibs
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had seats that flip up like those at ballpark. some concepts got a green light with a seat made of light weight titanium. it is about a third of what a traditional seat weighs. they give it up to farmers after they manufacturer, dry and package that material first. if approved brewers may have to raise the prices they may have to prevent food poisoning to 300,000 a year. that's the purpose. america tops the weekend box office two weeks in in a row.
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more than 26 million in the third weekend. in third place heaven is for real with 21 and a half million dollars. >> deaf any knitly want to see the last one heaven is for real. >> time now for the oscar pistorius trial update. if y have you ever wondered if the crying is an act? brand new proof it just might be. >> you have to hear that story that's for sure. >> if you think you have had bad days take a look at this video. you have nothing on this firefighter who is having a tough time to keep it together. >> as we go to break a look at the gas prices. national average new $13.66. vo: once upon a time
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there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where castles were houses and valiant knights stood watch for the kingdom was vast and monsters lurked in the deep and the good queen showed the boy it could all be real avo: all of great britain, all in one place book on expedia before april 30th and save up to thirty percent.
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>> a fox news alert to bring you now. drone strikes in yemen killing 40 suspected al qaeda militants. it is coming days after a group with ties to al qaeda bound to rescu westerners bound as creators. tense moments on board another malaysian airline flight was a tire burst on the plane's landing gear forcing an emergency landing. the flight landed safely four hours after it departed. 166 people were on board. this comes nearly a month and a half of the malaysian flight on board. former south african journalist says emotional performance in court is all an act.
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she claims the accused killer shed fake tears at an acting coach when he broke down numerous times during his testimony. she said quote i have it from a reliable coursource you were ta acting lessons for your days in court. your coach has an impossible task. trial resumes may 1st. the beating of steve utash in detroit. friends and family gathering foth for a fundraiser. he was awake from his coma but remains hospitalized. >> he is gone right now. >> i don't want him to give up on his dad right now knowing that you still have him there as a guy. >> he accidentally struck a boy when he jumped in front of his truck and was then jumped by a
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mob. >> listen to this story there is a teen what has been suspended for two-days after asking miss america to his prom during an assembly. >> come on. ms. america is defending that 18-year-old boy saying he hopes his pennsylvania high school will change its mind about his punishment. she wrote this on her facebook page i was flattere gesture although i am unable to attend i learned of the disciplinary action taken and reached out to the school in hopes they would reconsider their position. >> send them to us on facebook or e-mail@foxfriendsfirst@foxnews. com. we will read them later in the show. the time 19 after the top of the hour. it is about to become a whole
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>> 16-year-old jazz el mendoza was kilted sleeper in her bedroom after a drunk neighbor drove his sufficient into her home early yesterday morning. the driver was at nearly twice the legal alcohol limit when he ran a red light jumped the curb and slammed through two apartments.
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20-year-old roberto rodriguez is facing charges. another tragedy a 12-year-old boy a boy scout was killed while on the camping trip in washington. a doing rolled over him. the boy and his friends were trying to push it down a hill into the lake intoed lilt pick national forest. rescue crews arrived 30 hours later but it was too late. no more sinking feeling in one florida neighborhood. a 50-foot sink hole has been filled. they dumped a ban of a cement mixture to try to stop the hole from growing. it took 115 trucks worth to fill this thing up. they will fix the landscaping and hope they are safe and sound there. they had a hard time putting out
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the ladder. he started slipping teeventuall he got off and fill to the ground but he is okay. >> are your family and friends telling how how happy they are in social media? >> this new trend may be the reason. it is called 100 happy days. it is an on-line campaign wants you to share what makes you happy on a daily basis. some people are too busy to be happy. they sited a lack of time. >> being happy may help more than just your mood.
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>> how cute is that. there's a study that finds laughter helps make your brain work better. they watched a funny video and afterwards performed memory tasks. laughter sends endorphins to your brain and boosts your immune system. >> laugh you will have a better memory. who knew it. coming up bio fuel is being pushed as a clean alternative to gasoline. turns out it is not the environmental effect everyone was talking about. s there is a shocking reason why we want to tell you about this. guy: hey captain obvious, watch this!
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>> a car plows into a church sunday plowing into people gathered for service there. what the driver is saying about what went wrong. how tragic. listen to this, a life or death situation. a family car goedz up in flames in the middle of a lion enclosure. wait until you see what happens next. >> what it really means this morning to be boston strong. the city prepares to run again today. we will go live on the ground with our anna kooiman who will
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be lacing up for the marathon today as "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> you are watching fox and friends first on a monday morning. hope you have a grieat weekend. a car slammed into a building going over pews tables and trapping people.
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>> i heard some people were under the car. >> the driver telling police that her brakes failed as she was turning into a parking spot. >> a disturbing end to run family's easter egg hunt. it was cut short when a sky driver crashed into a nearby yard. >> his parachute failed to open properly but he was wearing a specialized wing suit. they are investigating the cause of the accident. here's an amazing story a 16-year-old boy hitches a five hour ride from california to hawaii hiding in the wheel well of a plane. despite the lack of oxygen and 50 below temperatures the teen actually survived but he did lose consciousness halfway through the flight.
2:33 am
he was found at the tarmac at the airport after the plane landed. he is expected to be okay. security footage at the san jose airport says he got to the plane by hopping the fence. the teen ran away from home. he is now in the custody of child protective services. anna kooiman is live with the latest. good morning, anna. >> good morning to you heather and good morning to everyone at home from boston common. boil ton street behind me. i am going to be crossing the finish line with 36,000 other runners. patriotism really is reigning high today. emotions are raw for many
2:34 am
americans especially those who witness the twin bombings first hand. >> the first explosion went off outside of our window. i went outside and started ripping down the scaffolding. i was running in here and taking all of the apparel that was up front bringing it outside to. training for the marathon i was saying i am a little sore right now. you have both legs you don't have a single scar on you. what are you complaining about? >> the emotions are pretty raw. your state of behind seems resilient and strong, boston strong, but it is a sensitive topic. >> whether you hear the sounds or the sights you saw everything brings you back to that day you are shaking your head going, did that really happen and could it
2:35 am
really have happened? why? >> it will be so loud it will be -- it's going to be -- if you can't finish that race it's not because of the crowd that's for sure. they are going to take you from mile one to the end. boston strong means many different things for everybody but that would be one of those where their support and their cheering is not for themselves but it's more for the whole -- you don't do that to people and that's what it is for. >> they're thon spor-- marathon sports has been giving to there are some 30 charities that have raised more than $13 million already. patriotism certainly being felt a lot of excitement and we can't
2:36 am
wait to get going in just a few hours. >> good luck to you finishing it. those emotions you can tell are still very raw for all of those folks. it will mean a lot to a lot of people. thanks anna. >> how are you? >> what a great monday here. she begins to run the mare-a-thon. weather conditions across the city of boston are going to be beautiful today. right now in the upper 30's a little bit cool this morning by this afternoon temperatures are going to be climbing into the middle to lower 60s. we are expecting sunshine and dry conditions. eventually after the marathon come tuesday and wednesday we will have a cold front moving through. it will be cooling temperatures. today very pleasant a lot of
2:37 am
sunshine and also light winds which plays a role sometimes in these marathons. temperature wise across the rest of the country you are looking at temperatures that are very spring like upper 60s in minneapolis. 70 chicago. temperatures across the state of texas very warm as well in the 80s. 88 for you in the city of dell rio. take a looks at phoenix, arizona, always a warm spot 98 degrees as we head into the afternoon hours. these warm temperatures are going to produce issues in terms of possible severe weather across the state of texas and dallas and austin. 9 the risk continues as well. warming coming up over the next several days. >> go over to you heather and heather. >> watch maria molina to keep you posted on it. >> talk politics right now.
2:38 am
republican bid to take over the senate is moving to democratic leaning oregon. with a strong candidate in the state was arguably the worst obamacare rollout in the country they may have a winning strategy. >> what is so special about her? >> this is going to be an interesting year 2014. the fact that we are even talking about a state like oregon may be in may for republicans is telling. a pediatric brain surgeon making obamacare a big issue. can he may see it play out in one senate race after another in one coast after the other. >> these are noblezation elections republicans are immobilizeed by obamacare the great gift that ep couldn'ts on giving. >> president obama said last week democrats should run on obamacare not away from obamacare. not all democrats think that
2:39 am
this is going to be a big issue this time around. >> the issue in the fall a referendum on president obama? oo no. a mid term election, even in 2012 these elections are referendums on the candidates runni running>> always important to remember the landscape we are talking about. re kaub cans need 60 to take control. at one point that seemed like a far fetched scenario odds makers are beginning to say republicans may have the edge to going into these midter terms. >> interesting. what a nfascinating bio the lad had. thank you very much. >> why is hillary clinton responsible for millions of u.s. dollars being sent to help afghanistan. new government documents say the former secretary of state removed restrictions on u.s. money going to the country's government known to be highly
2:40 am
corrupt. they were supposed to protect u.s. funds are being stolen or misused. his administration is looking at taking further action if diplomacy fails there. put tin could use the violence as an excuse to move forces into the region. with he will keep watching this one carefully. >> in case you are following this in a few hours singer chris brown's assault trial begins in washington, d.c. brown and his body guard are accused of attacking a man outside of a hotel there. a guilty verdict would be significant for a grammy winner. besides jail time in dc he could face additional penalties including jail time in california. at the time he was arrested in washington brown was on probation in los angeles for
2:41 am
attacking then girlfriend rihanna in 2009. >> queen rlids death has something exciting to unwrap for her birthday it is a new portrait of her. it is taken of renowned david bailey who gets two birthday celebrations one is celebrated privately and public celebration is in june when the weather of course is better over there. >> good smile. >> the time now is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up it's not just first responders any more. now wall street traders are getting sick they want 9-11 money. >> listen to this one. powdered alcohol is coming to a store near you. the foundation powdered milk that is tasting good. salesperson #1: the real deal is the passat tdi clean diesel
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>> that is central park in new york city. thank you so much for joining us here on "fox & friends first". we have this for you now. several wall street stockbrokers and traders are blaming their cancer on the 9-11 terrorist attack. now they are asking for money from the victim's compensation fund. the finance workers say the disease was triggered by breathing in toxic dust and debris following the attack. officials also insisted it was safe for them to return to wall street for work. the next week despite the ashi smoky smell in the air. >> a group is calling for baltimore congressman aaliyah cummings to face ethics investigation for his role in the irs scandal that targeted
2:46 am
conservative groups. true the vote filed a complaint against the democrat on the house over site committee. they lunched their own personal investigation and put the group on the irs's radar. comings actions were outside of his jurisdictions and should not be>> lori ross man joins us now to explain what is going on. hi there, lori. >> hi, good morning. a book look at the bio fuel industry. a new 500,000 dollar federally sponsored study finds that bio fuels made from the leftovers of harvested corn plants are actually worse than gasoline when it comes to global warming at least in the short term. findings were released sunday in the journal nature of climate change. they show pie owe fuel release 7
2:47 am
percent more greenhouse gases in the early years compared with gas. it will help combat climate change. the administration and bio fuel industry are quick to call it flawed and eedz illy. bio fuels may be better for the ev environment for the long run but they won't meet the standards for the 2007 energy law qualify for bio fuel. the industry received more than a billion dollars in federal support and struggled to meet the volume targets. heather, heather back to you. >> lori rothman, thank you. >> happy monday. coming up a car bursts into flames nearly feeding a family to lions. the mother opening up about her
2:48 am
split second life or death decision. >> oh, boy. skin cancer cases have been sky rocketing. but there's a shocking new reason why this may be happening. et first let's check in with brian kill need to see what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> let me show you what's coming up ohhen oh you are show. law americas taking aim at the big cattle battle. wi we will give you the latest as we see a key representative live. i promise questions will get harder. condon nald trump we will find out if he needs our money to help him get over the top. the challengers on the new show rewrap are creating the most iconic food brands the twinkie. mark summers is here he will bring his own sponge. kicking off the landmark and
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good morning. it is now eight minutes before the hour. what would your family do in this situation? face a family of lions or stay behind in your burning car? this is the unbelievable dilemma a mother faced at a drive through safari in england. while driving through the lion enclosure which is home to 12 cats, the van went up in flames. listen to this. >> we thought we better get out of the car but rangers were saying get back in the
2:53 am
car obviously forç the safety reasoning. so it is very difficult to know what to do, get in the car or get out the car. >> no kidding. park officials worked to keep lions away while helen decideed to rush her children out of the burning car. luckily everyone was okay. >> there is a new form of alcohol that is going to be hitting shelves. it is called powdered alcohol and the government approved the product. one package weighs about an ounce. to use it add your favorite mixer and stir. the powder can be sprinkled on food if you want to do that to add a little kick, they say. its creators hoping to release the product this fall. interesting. >> the deadliest form of skin cancer is on the rise, and sheep vacations are toç blame. research out of england found the rise of cheap vacation packages and fake tanning are responsible for increased cases of
2:54 am
malignant melanoma. skin cancer rates jumped fivefold since the 1970's. hot areas add to the risk. doctors suggest adding a minimum 15s.b.f. sun skraoeupb. >> the next edition of the oxford dictionary will be too big to print. publishers say the next edition will double the size of thgç next one making only a digital version possible. it is now facing delays due to information overload from the internet. basically there are too many words for these people to keep up. that's the issue. >> the time is six minutes till the top of the hour. the worst first date ever. you will never believe what one man stole from an unsuspecting woman that he met on-line. >> a student was suspended for asking miss america to prom. the beauty queen is now asking for the backdown on
2:55 am
this. do schools simply go too far? far? your comments next. i'm tony siraga and i'm training guys o leak a little, to guard tir manhood with depend shields and guards. the discreet protection that'just for guys. now, it's your turn. get my training tips at
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it is three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what'sç happening for you today. security out in full force as a record number of people return to the boston marathon. over a million people expected to cheer on the 36,000 runners competing a year after the deadly bombings. in a few minutes pope francis will deliver a special devotion and blessing in celebration of easter monday. today the white house will hold its 136th annual egg roll. more than 30,000 people expected to attend. >> time now to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, theç good. a welcome letter from a new neighbor is going viral. she says in part, i'm deaf in one ear, so if i ever have the tv too loud text me and let me know to turn it down.
2:59 am
it ends with a gift card saying i know getting settled can be crazy and time-consuming so dinner is on me. up next the bad, an art dealer arrested in spain accused of selling millions of dollars in fake art for more than 15 years. police say that the fakes were made to look older through exposure to extreme heat and cold. finally the ugly, a woman's tv stolen from her home by this man after their first date. they met on-line but two days later the dog and tv were left in her front yard. time for your brew on this responses. we told you about the teenager suspended for¿ three days after he worked up the courage to ask miss america to his prom. now miss america is asking the high school to change its mind about the punishment. did the school go too far? daniel said no. the boy broke the rules and is being disciplined. carol tweeted of course they did. children are punished for
3:00 am
silly stuff and not made to behave in classrooms. norm said a once in a lifetime chance and he took it. good for him. thanks to everyone who responded. we appreciate it. we'll see you back here tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now.ç bye. good morning to you. today is monday, april 21. i'm ainsley earhardt. i'm filling in for elisabeth hasselbeck today. it is a miracle he is still alive. a teenager hitches a five-hour ride from california to hawaii by hiding in the wheel well of a plane. so how did he end up in there? >> aloha. a bold prediction from a top democrat saying they're going to take november because republicans are crazy. >> we have countless elections now that democrats have won because the republicans have nominated extremists their voters reject. that is the advantage we


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